The Icelandic Wildlife Fund is an environmental organization which focuses on environmental protection and conservation, including the protection of the wild Icelandic salmonids; the wild salmon stocks, Arctic char, sea trout and other wild freshwater fish in Icelandic rivers and lakes.

The IWF is a non-profit grass-roots organization funded by donations from individuals and businesses, as well as private and public institutions. The IWF is incorporated as a non-profit according to the relevant Icelandic law (no. 19/1988) on foundations and charities.

Our Mission

Among the many projects the IWF has supported is the documentary film Under the Surface by Þorsteinn J Vilhjálmsson. The film was premiered in The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service Television, in 2018. English subtitles.

The urgent importance of the work of the Icelandic Wildlife Fund is also highlighted in two excellent recent articles in English about the fight to preserve the wild Icelandic salmon and the threats posed by growing industrial-scale salmon farming in open net pens in Icelandic fjords.

A Pink but Toxic Gold Rush, Reykjavík Grapevine, September 13 2019

Iceland, Open-Net Fish Farms, and the Final Frontier for Wild Atlantic Salmon, The Cleanest Line, September 4 2019


Support The Icelandic Wildlife Fund

You can join the The Icelandic Wildlife Fund (IWF) by paying the annual membership fee of 4,900 ISK (approx. 40 USD/36 EUR/31 GBP). You can also choose the amount of your donation or alternatively make an automatic monthly payment with credit card, beginning at 1,500 ISK (approx 12 USD/11 EUR/9 GBP) . See the different options here below.

The IWF raises money to be used to fund projects which fit within the mission of the Fund, including, but not limited to, the production of various forms of informational materials, public education, raising environmental awareness and mobilizing support for the mission of the IWF.

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From: kr.1,500 / mánuði (month)
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From: kr.4,900 / ári (year)